Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Gathering

From Cheryl:

I am offering to be the pick up person for anyone wanting to place an order at Wholesale Supplies Plus for delivery to the Gathering.  I have been in touch with Debbie May and we have coordinated the following:
(Important note:  your deadline for ordering is:  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23RD.)  This gives them time to process and pull our orders.

1.  Go to the WSP website ( and create an order.
2.  At checkout you will need to select the "pickup" option and you must type "Ohio Soaper's Gathering" in the comment section. 
3.  You must pay for your order at that time.  I am not collecting money for this.
4.  Let me know via Facebook or e-mail (bythehearth at aol dot com) that you have an order.  I would also appreciate a contact number in the event there is a question at the time of pick up.  It rarely happens but I like to be prepared.

A couple things of note: 
1. when you place an order for pickup you receive 20% off the published prices online
2. if you don't want to use the website you may call it in but it must be paid for at the time of order. 
3.  I will pick up on Friday, 4-25.
3.  I am not driving my SUV this year.  I will have room but I obviously won't be able to accommodate huge orders.

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