Friday, April 04, 2014

Here's the list of attendees from whom I've received payments so far -
Sharon Phillips
Donna Young
Jeff Nourse
JoAnne Nourse
Lynne Akalin
Kathy Irvin
Joy Andrews
Barbara Lyons
Pamela McFadden
Angela Dobbins Rivera
Nancy Kegley
Renee Solano-Szuba
Margaret Neff
Theresa Langham
Rhonda Frye
Micfhelle Grant
Mark Parker
Mary Jean Hammann
Samantha Corwin
Alsatia Corwin
Savannah Corwin
Susan North
Anna North
Noami Kell
Mary Mullet
Cheryl Blazek
Rachel Blazek
Lora Dobbins
Kay Bright
Jackie Clifford
Donna Wagner
Melody Kitzmiller
Kristy Schemrich
Anne Lailo
Juanita Reed
Bobbie Eastman
Seree Sewell
Judi Gardner
Kay Tibbs
Dawn Hicks
Kim Craigs
Andrea Schlenkerman
Ralph Schlenkerman
Candi Groh
Joanne Wittenbrook
Alonza Jackson McCabe

Please note that I still need lunch choices for the following:
Joy Andrews
Pamela McFadden
Renee Solano-Szuba
Rhonda Frye
Naomi Kell
Donna Wagner
Kim Craigs
Alonza Jackson McCabe


Stella's Mom said...

Please check for Rhonda Lach and Taylor Headrick
checks cashed, Thanks

Naomi said...

I do not need a lunch. I do want a pop of some sort, and the chips. :)
This is Naomi Kell. Thanks!

Bubble Magic said...

Please re-check attendees as I sent a check for payment; Barbara Downey...
and it should have arrived before April 1st.

Lilly said...

Can you confirm a registration for Lilly Kaiser (Lillian Kaiser)?
Thank You!