Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on hotel reservations

Please everyone, if you are attending and have not booked a room yet, we have rooms blocked until April 7th. at the Days Inn.  You need to mention you are there for the Ohio Soap Gathering so you can receive your discount.  If you already booked and didn't mention it, you can call them back and tell them, they will give you the discount.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good news everyone!  Deborah Ward from Nature's Garden has agreed to let us pick up her sample bottles of fragrance oils for us to sniff!  She will have order sheets for us with places to mark our favorite oils so we know which ones to order.  She had to decline attending because of her boys being heavily into baseball so she is running everyday.

Also we have Brooke Gatten, licensed massotherapist attending the gathering giving massages for $1 per minute.  She will be at the gathering from 9-1 so bring your dollar bills!  Should feel really good!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Attendee List

Here are the attendees registered so far.  Thank you! Reminder, you can register with or without lunch.  Deduct $11 per person.  No need to send lunch choices, this will be a served buffet style.

Karin Wishner-paid

Kelly Kroasmun-paid
Ashley Norman-paid

Jeff Nourse-paid
JoAnn Nourse-paid

William Streeter-paid
Patrick Waugh-paid

Nancy Whisler-paid

Ruth Blackwell-paid
Ann McFarland-paid

Lori Chandler-paid
Stu Chandler-paid
Abigail Chandler-paid

Roland Harris-paid
Jacqueline Harris-paid

Carole O'Callaghan-paid
Christine Davidson-paid

Susan North-paid

Andrea Stoops-paid

Cynthia Smith-paid

Margaret Neff-paid

Kay Bright-paid
Jackie Clifford-paid
Mary Mullet-paid

Michelle Smith-paid
Mark Parker-paid 

Kristy Schemrich-paid

Kay Tibbs-paid 

Robin Eastman-paid

Rhonda Frye-paid

Sandy Oravec-paid

Sally Botson-paid

Helen Schemrich-paid lunch

Sharon Phillips-paid
Donna Young-paid

Michelle Grant-paid
unknown guest-paid

Juanita Reed-paid

Jody Bartokl-paid


Joanne Wittenbrook-paid

Candi Groh-paid

Mary Jean Hammann-paid

Marie Ricci- 2 paid

Morgan Ryder-paid

Kim Craigs-paid

Marsha Kruze-paid

Robin Hasty-paid

Christy Rose-paid

Judi Gardner-paid

John Small-paid
Janice Small-paid

Theresa Cook-paid

Katherine Irvin-paid

Friday, March 02, 2012

Vendor List for Gathering

Willow way aka Soap
Helen's Handbags
Essential Depot
Makes Scents
Van Yulay Silicone Soap molds, lotions, emu oil, etc.
Planktown Hardware & More
Nature's Garden sample bottles for sniffing and huffing.
Brooke Gatten, licensed massotherapist.

More to come, waiting for replies.

Demos Itininary

Ahem. May I have your attention please?
Kristy and I would like to tell you about some of the activities we have organized for your Gathering pleasure~

Our keynote speaker will be Debbie May, the owner and creative force of Wholesale Supplies Plus!
We will also have these demos:
Color Mixing in CP including micas, FDC colorants, clays
Column Swirl in CP as seen in this and other You Tube videos
Kristy's Flower Swirl soap as seen here:

Polymer Clay soap dishes by Kelly
Quick and Easy Wax Melts and Tarts

Tips and Tricks

And more!

As you know, we will have the traditional garage sale, our excellent swap, the awarding of the wonderful door prizes, and a lovely lunch.

Get your registrations in and be prepared for a fun and informative day!