Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Attendee List

Here are the attendees registered so far.  Thank you! Reminder, you can register with or without lunch.  Deduct $11 per person.  No need to send lunch choices, this will be a served buffet style.

Karin Wishner-paid

Kelly Kroasmun-paid
Ashley Norman-paid

Jeff Nourse-paid
JoAnn Nourse-paid

William Streeter-paid
Patrick Waugh-paid

Nancy Whisler-paid

Ruth Blackwell-paid
Ann McFarland-paid

Lori Chandler-paid
Stu Chandler-paid
Abigail Chandler-paid

Roland Harris-paid
Jacqueline Harris-paid

Carole O'Callaghan-paid
Christine Davidson-paid

Susan North-paid

Andrea Stoops-paid

Cynthia Smith-paid

Margaret Neff-paid

Kay Bright-paid
Jackie Clifford-paid
Mary Mullet-paid

Michelle Smith-paid
Mark Parker-paid 

Kristy Schemrich-paid

Kay Tibbs-paid 

Robin Eastman-paid

Rhonda Frye-paid

Sandy Oravec-paid

Sally Botson-paid

Helen Schemrich-paid lunch

Sharon Phillips-paid
Donna Young-paid

Michelle Grant-paid
unknown guest-paid

Juanita Reed-paid

Jody Bartokl-paid


Joanne Wittenbrook-paid

Candi Groh-paid

Mary Jean Hammann-paid

Marie Ricci- 2 paid

Morgan Ryder-paid

Kim Craigs-paid

Marsha Kruze-paid

Robin Hasty-paid

Christy Rose-paid

Judi Gardner-paid

John Small-paid
Janice Small-paid

Theresa Cook-paid

Katherine Irvin-paid


Anonymous said...

i would like to register.

KristyS said...

You may register but you will not receive a goody bag.
Thanks, Kristy

Meadowyck said...

I'm sorry to post here but there wasn't a button to email someone. I've been trying to get back in touch with Kay Bright or Juanita Reed. If anyone would be kind enough to let them know I would be so greatful. they can email me at meadowyck@gmail.com

Janet Matherly