Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Gathering

From Cheryl:

I am offering to be the pick up person for anyone wanting to place an order at Wholesale Supplies Plus for delivery to the Gathering.  I have been in touch with Debbie May and we have coordinated the following:
(Important note:  your deadline for ordering is:  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23RD.)  This gives them time to process and pull our orders.

1.  Go to the WSP website ( and create an order.
2.  At checkout you will need to select the "pickup" option and you must type "Ohio Soaper's Gathering" in the comment section. 
3.  You must pay for your order at that time.  I am not collecting money for this.
4.  Let me know via Facebook or e-mail (bythehearth at aol dot com) that you have an order.  I would also appreciate a contact number in the event there is a question at the time of pick up.  It rarely happens but I like to be prepared.

A couple things of note: 
1. when you place an order for pickup you receive 20% off the published prices online
2. if you don't want to use the website you may call it in but it must be paid for at the time of order. 
3.  I will pick up on Friday, 4-25.
3.  I am not driving my SUV this year.  I will have room but I obviously won't be able to accommodate huge orders.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I finally made connections with Debbie May at Wholesale Supplies Plus!  She has kindly offered to host a post-gathering dinner on April 26 in Sandusky.  If you are interested in attending this dinner, it is imperative that you let me know no later than Wednesday, April 16.  I can't get into the Ohio Soapers website so I'm asking that Kim or someone else please send this on to the email list for anyone who doesn't get this blog or facebook.  Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this as it should be a fun event!
Here are the directions to the Gathering:  Take State Route 250 N to where 250 veers off to the right, and you'll see the "Four Corner" bar.  Go straight through the intersection with the traffic lights and turn at the first right after the lights.  You'll see the building right there.  :o)
Please be reminded that I MUST have your lunch orders by Saturday, April 12! 

Friday, April 04, 2014

Here's a new "blurb" I just received from Brandy at Soap Equipment:
"SOAPEQUIPMENT.COM is excited to be a vendor at the Ohio Gathering this year!  We'll be bringing a variety of things for you to view and purchase.  This is a great opportunity to ave on shipping costs!  All major Credit Cards as well as Checks will be accepted.  Is ther a piece of non-custom equipment you would love to be able to see and touch?  Want to place an order now to ensure that particular item will be brought to the Show?

Please contact Brandy at 765-886-4642 or with yoru requests or inquiries."

She's awesome, and their products are wonderful!  It'll be well worth your time to check out all their products.
Here's the list of attendees from whom I've received payments so far -
Sharon Phillips
Donna Young
Jeff Nourse
JoAnne Nourse
Lynne Akalin
Kathy Irvin
Joy Andrews
Barbara Lyons
Pamela McFadden
Angela Dobbins Rivera
Nancy Kegley
Renee Solano-Szuba
Margaret Neff
Theresa Langham
Rhonda Frye
Micfhelle Grant
Mark Parker
Mary Jean Hammann
Samantha Corwin
Alsatia Corwin
Savannah Corwin
Susan North
Anna North
Noami Kell
Mary Mullet
Cheryl Blazek
Rachel Blazek
Lora Dobbins
Kay Bright
Jackie Clifford
Donna Wagner
Melody Kitzmiller
Kristy Schemrich
Anne Lailo
Juanita Reed
Bobbie Eastman
Seree Sewell
Judi Gardner
Kay Tibbs
Dawn Hicks
Kim Craigs
Andrea Schlenkerman
Ralph Schlenkerman
Candi Groh
Joanne Wittenbrook
Alonza Jackson McCabe

Please note that I still need lunch choices for the following:
Joy Andrews
Pamela McFadden
Renee Solano-Szuba
Rhonda Frye
Naomi Kell
Donna Wagner
Kim Craigs
Alonza Jackson McCabe

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I just got an email from Deborah Ward from Nature's Garden regarding pre-gathering orders.  She wrote, "Orders must be paid in fulol when placing order.  Then, in the special instrucftions comments area they should write the following:  Please deliver to the Ohio Soapers Gathering.  We will credit them for the shipping they paid, and give them 5% off their entire order.  We will then deliver those orders to the gathering."  Their fragrance oils are wonderful, and I know nobody will be disappointed with their order.  So please visit their website and place your orders!  :o)