Saturday, February 15, 2014

The tentative schedule so far for the Gathering this year is as follows:
8:30 - sign in and pick up your goodie bag
9:00 - Bobbie Eastman will demo her fabulous hair shine
10:00 - Kim Craigs has agreed to demo her wonderful handmade cream.  (You won't want to miss that one!
11:00 - Kristy Schemrich will show us how to make laundry soap
Noon - lunch
12:45 - Swap
1:00 - Cathy McGinnis will be doing an awesome demo altho she hasn't said just what
2:00 - I need a volunteer for this spot altho I have someone in mind to do a demo
3:00 - Door prizes

We are supposed to be totally out of the building by 4 so they can set up for church services the following day.  This schedule isn't carved in stone yet, but at least you can get an idea of what'll be happening.  I hope you all will enjoy this -

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