Saturday, May 03, 2008

10th Annual Gathering!!!

Welcome to the 10th Annual Ohio Soaper's Gathering!! We had an official turnout of 108 this year (and with gas at $3.50 a gallon, that's pretty darned good, I think!) After a last-minute change of venue, we ended up in the Strongsville High School library:
If you have soaping supplies that you don't need or won't use, we have a garage sale area: Barb demonstrated Bubble Bars
and lots of people watched(My apologies to Kristy and Ruth - I didn't get any pictures of their demos!)

Every year we have a swap, and every year people outdo themselves:

Kay, the Indomitable Swap Queen, did a fantastic job in spite of the fact that she just had BOTH knees replaced - one 3 weeks before, and one 10 days before.

Belinda from National Shrink Wrap
And the lovely Kay (with her daughter Jackie) with her table of goat's milk fudge. You haven't lived until you've eaten at least a pound of her fudge!
Some of the door prizes
and a few more door prizes
Joanne demonstrated mica swirling (and using a salad shooter in your soapmaking)
Tracey and Molly
Jan, Sabrina, Tracey & Molly - the knitter's table!
Hi Jan! :-)Cheryl & Mari at the table, and Kathy Kalleker Nolan standing behind themWe had cake!
And our surprise demo/vendor? Diana from Tony's Fragrance Oils demonstrated a hair conditioner

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves - I was too busy (and tired - I was in Week 8 of my post-hysterectomy recovery, and I still poop out pretty quickly) to be able to sit down and visit very much. I'll have my energy back for next year. :-)

Next year's gathering will be back in Greenville, Ohio...Marie is crazy hosting for 2009.

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Marie said...

Well, Paul would agree with you about next years gathering, Marie is crazy. But I am looking forward to having it here in my neighborhood!